Swedana/Herbal Steam

Swedana/Herbal Steam causes perspiration and is a complementary treatment to an Abhyanga/Traditional Massage. It promotes the penetration of oils inside the body and by using carefully selected herbs, it can aid in removing stiffness, heaviness, coldness and inflammation of the body. It also helps move toxins out of the body via the skin hence is it looked on a as a great detoxification treatment.

Benefits of Swedana/HerBal Steam:

  • Causes softness and brilliance of the skin

  • Helps to move toxins out of the body

  • Increases circulation and reduces inflammation

  • Improves digestion

  • Relieves stress and eases sore muscles

  • Works on fat tissues

  • Improves mobility by reducing numbness, stiffness and rigidity in the body

What to expect:

After you have received your Abhyanga/Traditional Massage you will be asked to sit in the steam box, leaving your head outside. You will then sit for up to 15 minutes whilst your body perspires and once finished you will wipe down with a dry towel.


  • 15 Minute Swedana/Herbal Steam: $15

Introductory offer: Receive a free Swedana/Herbal Steam (valued at $15) with your first Abhyanga