Shirodhara is derived from two sanskrit words: Shiro meaning head and Dhara meaning to flow. Using a constant flow of warm medicated oils on the forehead, with a focus on the 'third eye', this treatment is said to take a person to a state of calm and bliss. 

By using warm medicated oils flowing on the forehead, Shirodhara helps to calm the nervous system and bring you into a meditative state. Worries, fears or anger will be washed away, hair will be rejuvenated and your mind will be nourished. Shirodhara is a rejuvenation therapy that can be a deeply nurturing and spiritual experience. It has been known to release serotonin and bring healthy blood circulation to the brain.

Benefits of Shirodhara:

  • Helps relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and anger

  • Synchronises brain waves and co-ordinates mind and body

  • Gives relief from mental, physical and emotional stress

  • Enhances mental focus, concentration and memory

  • Assists in a sound sleep, insomnia and difficulties sleeping

  • Balances the Vata Dosha and promotes healing within the body

  • Stimulates the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra, increasing spiritual awareness and intuition

  • Brings balance and harmony to Mind, Body and Soul

  • Nourishes the hair and scalp

  • Helps to regulate hormones within the body

  • Brings you into a complete state of relaxation

  • Opens a flow of energy within the body

  • Balances and nourishes the Nervous System

  • Helps with headaches/migraines


Your treatment will begin with a head, shoulder and foot massage whilst you are lying on the massage table. As you begin to relax the oil will be warmed to a comfortable temperature and the oil will begin to flow into your hairline. As you continue to relax and get used to the feeling of the flowing oil, the movement of the oil will be change and a pattern sequence will be used along your forehead, with a focus on your 3rd eye. The oil will continue to flow for up to 40 minutes on your forehead, bringing you into a complete sense of relaxation and bliss and your treatment will close with a foot massage to ground you.


When seeing an Ayurvedic Practitioner you will need to have a consultation before receiving your first Shirodhara.

A Shirodhara treatment can evoke an extremely deep relaxing state and have a profound effect on the psyche. It is recommended that you neither drive, return directly to work, or go into any circumstances that you deem to be stressful after your Shirodhara treatment. Allow some time after your treatment to be my guest and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Then you can return to a place that is quiet and supportive for a few hours. Your hair will be VERY oily and its recommended to keep the oil on for minimum 2 hours (ideally 24 hours) as the oil will continue to heal cells following your treatment. 


Initial Shirodhara Treatment:

  • 105 Minutes: $145 + Cost of oil* (Includes a 45 Minute Skype or in person consultation)

Standard Shirodhara Treatment:                  

  • 60 Minutes: $80 + Cost of oil*

Deluxe Shirodhara Treatment:

  • 120 Minute Abhyanga + Shirodhara: $150 + Cost of oil*

Shirodhara is very beneficial following an Abhyanga/Traditional Massage as you are already in a relaxed open state.

* 1 litre of medicinal oil will be used. This oil will be bottled for you to take home and keep for further Shirodharas or to do a Self-Abhyanga