Postpartum Ayurvedic Massage

The postpartum period is a very precious time for mother and baby which is why Ayurveda places a lot of importance on the 40 days following delivery, a time called 'Sutikakala'. Traditionally in Indian Culture women are given daily hot oil massages to help with postpartum recover during this period. Massage is usually provided at home by a family member, or an experienced 'maushi' or 'dai'. Postpartum Abhhyanga/Traditional Massage helps to protect mothers from becoming imbalanced or stressed and is one of the best ways to speed up postpartum recovery and gives mothers some much needed time to look after themselves.

A Postpartum Abhyanga/Traditional Massage can be done from the 2nd day after a natural birth or two to six weeks after a caesarean delivery. It is very important in the early stages to remain at home with your new baby, so this service is offered in the comfort of your own home up to 6 months post delivery.

Benefits of a Postpartum Abhyanga/Massage:

  • Provides a deep state of relaxation and brings you inner harmony and balance.

  • Helps to relieve lower back, shoulder and neck pain due to carrying and breastfeeding your new bub.

  • Helps to speed up your postpartum recovery by giving you support to regain your lost energy.

  • Gives you some precious time to nurture yourself and be pampered.

  • Promotes muscle and tissue healing, helping to return your body to its pre-pregnancy state.

  • Gives new tone to your muscles which helps reduce fluid retention and weight loss.

What to expect:

The treatment will facilitate a process of healing and relaxation by creating an ambient environment that is perfect for cleansing and rejuvenation. The treatment begins with a brief consultation for you to understand and therefore participate in the healing process and a sound shower using calming instruments marks the finale that resonates peace and harmony.

The pinnacle of the experience is of course the massage. Warm Ayurvedic medicated oils are used which have been carefully selected to support the healing process in this postpartum period. Abhyanga/Massage during the postpartum period is designed to be very nourishing and soothing. You will find the massage incorporates slow and grounding strokes, helping to balance and relax the mind, body and soul! Comfortable support cushions are used to help ease any pressure to the chest and abdomen area, ensuring that you can completely relax comfortably during your treatment. 

how often should you get a massage?

The following massage schedule is recommended to maintain good health post-delivery:

  • 3-7 massages in the first 10 days post delivery

  • Weekly or Fortnightly until 42 days post delivery

  • Monthly during motherhood

Please note these are only recommendations for optimal results. Spreading out the massages or even having just one massage will still work wonders and benefit your body, mind and soul! 

To find out more about pricing and packages or to book in please get in touch.

I feel so good and my body recovered really quick! Thanks so much Laura I feel bliss xx
— Dana