Abhyanga/Ayurvedic Massage

Abhyanga is a holistic healing detox massage using medicated herbal oils which heal and detoxify the Mind, Body and Soul. 

Warm medicated aromatic oils are chosen according to your Dosha type and imbalance to aid in healing and detoxing. Each Abhyanga is tailored according to your Dosha type and techniques are used to work along energy channels of your body helping to restore vital energy.

Using warm oils releases physical, mental and spiritual toxins plus deeply penetrates into the muscles and cells, hence it heals on a cellular level and detoxifies. Abhyanga is also designed to nourish the body with its healing touch and warm oils and promotes healthy joints and circulation. 

Benefits of Abhyanga:

  • Rejuvenates the whole body

  • Nourishes the mind and body

  • Restores balance in the mind, body and soul helping to relieve stress

  • Increases longevity

  • Detoxifies the body on all levels

  • Calms the nerves and benefits sleep

  • Strengthens the Dhatus (the body's tissues) and lubricates the joints

  • Tones and prevents stiffness of the muscles

what to expect:

Your treatment will begin with an anointment of the 7 Sacred points, you'll then be massaged with soothing warm medicated oils and a sound shower using calming instruments will mark the finale of the massage that resonates peace and harmony.


To get the complete experience and most benefit out of your treatment it is recommended to have a Swedana/Herbal Steam following your Abhyanga/Traditional Massage. By sitting in the steam box you will detox further and oils will penetrate more deeply, making it overall more effective. 

Please note:

Please arrive 15 minutes before your initial Abhyanga/Traditional Massage appointment so that you can fill out your forms and settle in.


  • 75 Minute Initial : $90 (Includes a 15 Minute Consultation)

  • 60 Minutes: $80    

  • 90 Minutes: $120                    

Introductory offer: Receive a free Swedana/Herbal Steam (valued at $15) with your first treatment

Gift Vouchers available.

I took a scenic drive to Cockatoo for an Ayurvedic Massage/holistic healing session that turned out to be the best Abhyanga I’ve ever had! (and I’ve had several good ones in India and Bali) It was so much more than a massage though, Laura made it into a divinely therapeutic experience that left me feeling nurtured and nourished. Traditional Ayurvedic oils infused with medicinal herbs matched to my dosha were used that smelt and felt amazing. Indian flute and classical Indian instrumental tunes were playing throughout my massage as I floated off into a state of bliss! Care & thought was taken into the finer details: the ambience of the room, a beautiful bowl of water with rose petals lay in my eye view under me, sound healing with a Tibetan bowl at the end, followed by a lovely shower with organic products and a Vata balancing herbs tea at the end of the massage. Overall the pressure and massage techniques used seemed perfectly attuned to my needs as I felt my whole body and nervous system calmed & rebalanced.

Definitely worth the drive out to this gorgeous Cockatoo sanctuary. Highly recommended.
— Aparna