The key to maintaining balance and achieving great health is to understand our individual true self and live in harmony with the cycles of nature. 

Supported, nurtured, rejuvenated, EMPOWERED

I believe each person deserves to feel this and more.

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Hi, I’m Laura. Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

 I'm a mother, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Postnatal Doula who believes that when we have the right support we can thrive. My goal is to facilitate a space where you are supported, nurtured and rejuvenated.

I was drawn to Ancient Healing Systems such as Ayurveda when I became very unbalanced and unwell. Through Ayurveda I learnt the importance of understanding your individual self and what balance actually means on all levels plus how nature plays a big role in our health and well-being.  I was driven to re-balance all aspects of my life so I could regain my health and with a lot of hard work and discipline, I achieved my goal. I now enjoy being part of other peoples journey towards maintaining or achieving good health.

My passion for supporting mothers and their families began when I experienced my first miscarriage and grew even more after having my son. Having experienced the profound changes that occur postnatal, it showed me just how important having the right support around you is. Having the space to fall in love, bond and learn how to breastfeed is invaluable and not only beneficial for mothers but the whole family.

I absolutely love what I do and transfer that love into every offering. I not only pursued this path for my own health and well-being, but in the hope to one day help others find that balance in their lives as I have found. 

I look forward to meeting you and being part of your journey. 

Much love and blessings, 

xx Laura


Your Experience

Your time at Sage & Oak is all about being nurtured, rejuvenated and re-balanced. Each offering is carefully tailored to meet your current doshic state and needs. This is your time to enjoy some self-care and whole-body wellness within a healing and sacred space. 


When you arrive you will feel a calmness in the treating room as the room is always energetically cleared between clients. You will also be welcomed by the aroma of essential oils diffusing into the air, ambient lighting, charged crystals and warmth, giving you a sense of comfort within the room.

As sound therapy plays an important role in Ayurveda, healing music is carefully selected and played and each offering ends with a short sound healing shower using a singing bowl and tuning fork. 

In Ayurveda the five elements represent balance in all aspects of life and everything in the universe is created from that balance so those five elements are present in the treating room, helping to facilitate the healing and balancing nature of the treatment you will receive.

To finish, clients are encouraged to take their time after their treatment before going home. You will be welcome to sit for a short time, allowing you to totally absorb the offering you just had and ground yourself before leaving.


Even though I don’t have the time to prepare a space for you in the way I would in my own space, I try to make the space we are using as relaxing and calming as possible. Being in your home, it's likely you would have already chosen a room most suitable for the offering you will receive and I will always work as best I can in that space to allow you to switch off and receive the care you need.

As sound therapy plays an important role in Ayurveda, healing music is carefully selected and played and each offering ends with a short sound healing shower using either a singing bowl and/or tuning fork. 

When offering further Postpartum support, I aim to come in and not disrupt what you’ve created at home with your newborn. I’m not there to be entertained, I’m there to blend in, offer support and care as needed and ensure you feel as comfortable as possible with me in your home. I treat your home as I would my own, with care and respect.

As with my other clients, I don’t rush my time with mothers postpartum. I know all too well that the needs of newborns can take over and my time with you may take a little longer than anticipated.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a holistic health system that dates back thousands of years before modern medicine. It is based on  living in harmony with nature and the universe and it gives the wisdom required for people to fully understand their individual true self. Ayurveda heals, prevents disease, brings vitality and good health to us which is done through dosha specific diets, lifestyle changes, mantras and meditation, all working in harmony with the cycles of nature. Adding to this are herbal medicines, Ayurvedic bodywork therapies such as Massage, Panchakarmas and yoga plus more giving a complete healing system.

Ayurveda has two main goals: "To maintain the health of the healthy and to heal the sick physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually." Ultimately Ayurveda aims to always maintain the health and well-being of a person whilst also maintaining the happiness and balance of a person's mind and soul. Ayurveda puts a lot of emphasis not only on our physical bodies but also on our mental and spiritual self and in doing so can offer healing on all levels whilst following a path that moves with nature rather than against it. 

In Ayurveda, the five elements are Space/Either (Akasha), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jala) and Earth (Prithvi) which is found everywhere in the universe and manifests in each of us giving us our physical and mental qualities. The five elements are combined into three constitutions or Doshas which are "forces of life" and are like patterns of energy. 

Either and Air combine to form the Vata dosha. 

Fire and Water combine to form the Pitta dosha.

Water and Earth combine to form the Kapha dosha.

We each have the three doshas within us, although there is always one or two that are more dominant. This is what gives us our unique nature called prakriti or constitution. Understanding your constitution is what helps to prevent illness as well as cure disease. It gives us the ability to address specific health concerns as well as an understanding as to why we each respond differently from each other. 

Bringing you closer to the flow of nature!